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Monthly Music Hackathon
New York City, USA

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4th   Music Hackathon
+Music-Tech Conf.
Bulgaria International 

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Music Hackathons Bulgaria (MHsB) is designed to bring together programmers, coders, musicians, artists, scientists, composers, and all people who love music & technology to innovate together

3rd Music Hackathon Bulgaria
10-11 October 2018 Varshets city, Bulgaria

​​Join us to create music through technology 
​​and create technology, applications, ​mobile games and robots for music


out of the box

  • Who should go?
  • Who should go to build a hack?
        Anyone who likes music and technology.
  • Do I need to know a programming language?
  • How many projects are there?  Do I have to collaborate?
       It’s up to you
  • What is the working language?  
      You can use either English or Bulgarian.
  • Where will the hackathon be held?
       To be announced!
Video credit: Nigel Stanford